Meet Your 2012 Top Dogs!

Jennifer with ArtYou voted, and here they are.  This year’s Top Dog votes were a blast to tally, as the fields shook up big-time all across the boards.

You and your fellow Spot readers voted for “the Best in the [pet] Biz” in 31 categories last summer, from attorney to groomer, veterinarian to trainer, and “everything pet” in between.  

Once again you’ve made it a blowout, bringing many new professionals and businesses into the Top Dog spotlight.  I love this process, as it can really boost pet professionals doing great work.  Case in point:  a note from a reader last year said, “Thanks a lot for naming my groomer Top Dog . . . now I can’t get the dogs in for 2-3 weeks!”

And that’s exactly why we do this — it’s good for everyone!  You, the reader, end up with a directory of the best in the biz by popular vote — making the listings much like a referral from a friend.  Pros and businesses doing great work are recognized and showcased in a way they’re at your fingertips when you need services and products in the year ahead.

After you’ve read your regular Spot content in the outside 16 pages, just tear those off and keep the Directory handy for reference throughout the coming months.  You’ll notice the Directory has a heavier cover, so it pulls out with ease.  And, if you misplace your Directory (or need to give it to a friend), copies will be available at pet events and venues all year long.

I hope you’ll scan the entire Directory now — in addition to the listings there are stories highlighting those who warrant a special little something for noteworthy achievements and successes.  This is a great chance to acquaint yourself with them, and ALL of our wonderful NW merchants and practitioners. 

We’re blessed here in the Northwest to have such a deep, rich field of talent in the animal “arts,” “sciences,” and welfare arenas, and the more you know who/what’s out there, the better equipped you’ll be if/when you have a specific need this year. 

Thanks again for voting this year, and many thanks to all the wonderful businesses and professionals who participated, who support Spot, and who do so much to uplift, enrich and educate our pet-loving community.  A great big round of applause to you, winners all!

Yours in everything pet,

Huge Thanks this issue for their outstanding contribution, heroic effort and exquisite humor and spirit — Vonnie Harris, Nikki Jardin, Tay Juncker, Meryl Lipman, Megan Mahan, Marnie McCammon, Kennedy Morgan, and all our wonderful partners in the pet biz — thank you!  You rock!