Sweet Girl Smokey

puppy kisses.jpg

When I did the story on Chase & Cera (Chase Away K9 Cancer - A Hero's Tale, Spot '09 issue), I knew that all her four-legged babies were girls. Somehow in the editing process, Smokey turned into a “he.”  I heard that Smokey forgives me and is okay with it.  That’s what they do . . . forgive & forget, only one of thousands of tiny qualities that makes dogs so special. Thank you, sweet girl!

I had the pleasure of meeting Smokey a few weeks ago at the Seaside NW Challenge Championships.  She is 13 years young and beautiful.  Her kisses are precious, so if you ever happen to see her at an event or somewhere, be sure to grab not just one of them.  She will gladly dole them out for as long as you like.  Her kisses are priceless….good enough to be worth any price. 

Cera just got back from the 2009 Dock Dog Nationals with her little E (Elsie May-Chase’s grandpup).  Chase Away K9 Cancer was the beneficiary of this year’s 2009 DockDogs Jump-A-Thon, wherein teams collected pledges for their top jump scores at the championship held October 16-18 in Ohio.  Cera & Elsie May alone raised $10k of the $50k raised over the weekend in one of the biggest fundraisers to date for Chase Away K9 Cancer.   All the donations go to the American College of Veterinary Medicine directly supporting studies focused on canine cancer. 

Yay!  You rock, Cera & Elsie May & Smokey!