Dog Biscuits!

woof biscuits.JPG

I am not much of a fact, i am a bit of a klutz and disastrous in the kitchen and don't spend a lot of time there.  I just don't have the patience for cooking, things are always getting burnt, a mess is always made and let's just say it's havoc....

My dogs were totally freaked tonight...i was in the kitchen for hours and hours...there was flour everywhere, big mounds of dough and wonderful smells.  Cheese flavored, chicken flavored and healthy non-wheat biscuits!  Cut into cute shapes....stars, hearts, bones, cats....which my dogs could care less about....they loved the biscuits.

Don't know what got into me but my dogs and I both agree that I'm the bestest dog mom ever and although i can't cook, i can surely biscuits, that is!