Unwrapping Presents with Pets

Jake, my “glab” (Golden Retreiver/Lab) has always been a huge present opener.  He would definitely win a “fastest present opening” contest.  It doesn’t matter whose gift it is or what is inside the wrapping.  He just loves the thrill of ripping off that paper and even rips into the contents inside if given the chance.  Every year, he gets to open all the presents for my other pets because he doesn’t really care about what is inside and the others do.  They just watch him.  I get tremendous joy from watching him and one year I even let him open all of mine.  When he is through, he looks for more and if he spies a card board box, it’s fair game.  For his birthdays, I will wrap his gifts and then just some empty boxes because he has such fun.   Afterwards, there is usually wrapping paper hanging from his mouth, stuck on his lip and the floor is always a huge mess but the entertainment and enjoyment he gets is well worth it.

Here is video from this Christmas.  He is opening Jessie’s gift and she is just waiting until she hears the squeak and then you will see her come up.  The video does not really capture the zeal…it is really something to be seen in person!