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Top Dog Winner - Attorney


Proprietor:  Geordie Duckler

9397 SW Locust St., Tigard, OR

503-546-8052 ∙

Est. 1987/2000 


Philosophy/Mission:  To preserve, protect and defend the human-animal bond, the rights of people about their animals, and to ensure that those facing adversity in the realm of animal-related legal issues have a voice.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  Duckler’s practice handles hundreds of cases annually.  He is a renowned trial attorney, speaker, educator, writer, and orator in many public and private forums, from Harvard University to National Geographic.  He gained national and international attention representing “Snowball” the black-tail deer and his owner Jim Filipetti in 2008, when the trio took on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  In championing loss of companionship, a 2008 local case garnered additional national acclaim when Duckler won one of the highest jury verdicts in a companion animal death case.

Community Involvement, Special Notes:  Duckler hails from a family of artists, and in his spare time paints and works in metal construction.  He recently contributed his artistic talent to raise funds for the Children’s Trust of Oregon Foundation, which is dedicated to child abuse prevention.