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Top Dog Winner - Cat Boarding


Proprietors:  Dr. Daniel Lioy-Ryan and Shawn Lioy-Ryan

105 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR

503-764-2322 ∙

Est. Nov 2006


Philosophy/Mission:  Our purpose is to be the greatest little cat care center your family cat will ever know.  We achieve this by providing outstanding care to cats while their people tend to other matters.  We like to think of ourselves as your cat’s built-in support system:  when you can’t be there, We Can!

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  When you trust your cat is in good hands, you can truly focus on the matters taking you away.  While kitty is in our care, it’s like he or she is with a trusted relative.  Our boarding service provides a 14 SF master bedroom so your cat can stretch her legs and feel at home.  Kitty’s room has a queen-sized bed, rocking chair, cat cubby, TV, 8-ft cat condo, and full-sized windows to view gardens and Crystal Creek.  Smaller boarding options available.

We routinely care for cats with special needs.  We’re skilled at administering oral and topical medications, insulin injections, and subcutaneous fluids.  Cat Grooming and cat sitting services also available.

Community Involvement:  We’re a part of the community and we see friends in need.  That’s why we annually participate in an auction for the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.  You can support them too by visiting  We also contribute to the Cat Adoption Team.  Many of their rescues have complimented us by using and referring cat owners to our services.

Special Notes:  Eliminate hairballs . . .  The optimal digestive health of your cat can be reached with a proper grooming routine.  Our cat-only grooming handles one cat at a time except those from the same household.  We know how important it is to remove all loose hair while using only gentle methods that work for your cat to keep their fur — and digestive tract — healthy!