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Top Dog Winner - Individual Trainer


Dog Adventures Northwest, Wonder Puppy

Proprietor:  Kerry Ryan, CPDT-KA

503-307-8087 ∙


Est. 2009, 2011


Philosophy/Mission:  Kerry Ryan, a member of the Wonder Puppy training team, specializes in puppy socialization and clicker training. Wonder Puppy's mission is for puppyhood to be easy, fun, and successful. As the owner of Dog Adventures Northwest, Kerry takes dogs on off-leash hikes, teaching the vital skill of off-leash recall.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  Wonder Puppy is the one-stop-shop for all things puppy, offering group class, private training sessions, playgroups, socialization, day school, and boarding school. As part of the Wonder Puppy training team, Kerry handles many of the private sessions, as well as hosting puppies in her home for day school and boarding school. In her work with Dog Adventures Northwest, Kerry is committed to giving dogs (of all ages!) much-needed physical exercise and ridiculous amounts of fun. All excursions are catered to particular adventurers, but most trips include hours of dashing though meadows, zig-zagging around trees and boulders, leaping through the waves of the Columbia, swimming the Sandy, practicing the (really!) important skill of off-leash recall, and playing all sorts of goofy puppy games like fetch, keep-away, and chase.

Special Notes:  Dog Adventures Northwest is the only Portland off-leash dog company that not only offers proper breed-specific exercise, but also positive reinforcement training by a nationally recognized trainer.