2009 TOP DOG WINNER - Cat Daycare/Lodging

CatNurse Cottage/CatNurse on Call

Eugene, OR


Year Established: 2005 

Proprietor: Randi E. Golub, CVT 

Philosophy/Mission: To provide a safe, healthy and fun home away from home for cats and kittens of all ages.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Unique and individualized care by a certified veterinary technician in an inviting and cat-friendly environment. 


CatNurse Cottage is a unique day care & overnight boarding facility specifically designed to meet the needs of felines of all ages. Accommodating only a few cats at a time, it is the perfect place for frisky kittens or older cats with specific medical concerns such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Each cat has its own 5' wide x 3' deep x 6' tall condo with operational garden view window and access via cat door to a fully enclosed (and escape-proof) private ‘catio.’

Designed to incorporate fresh air and sunlight, CatNurse Cottage is a very special place for your very special cat!