Top Dog - Veterinarian

Winner: Dr. Courtney Anders DVM, Pearl Animal Hospital

1250 NW 10th Ave, Portland

503-954-3393 *

Est. 2008 

Philosophy/Mission:  My mission is to ensure that my patients live the longest, happiest lives possible.  I believe in being proactive and enjoy educating pet owners about preventing health issues.  I am especially passionate about feline medicine, senior medicine, and dentistry.  Cats represent the most popular pet, but receive much less veterinary care and attention than dogs, partly because they hide illness well and partly due to the stress of going to the veterinarian.  We try to make feline visits comfortable and stress free by providing a safe feline-friendly room, and helpful tips on our website.  Senior pets will always be a passion, and I truly enjoy working with clients/pets during this time when extra TLC is required.  Oral health/dentistry is another special interest, and I was fortunate to study with board certified dental specialist, Dr. Randi Brannan.  With the right tools and knowledge, pet owners can play an active role in keeping their pets healthy and happy.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  I love dentistry!  My favorite moments are when I can see the health benefits of an owner's oral home care efforts after receiving training tools.  My goal is to eliminate periodontal disease in my patients with routine dental procedures and owner education.

Community Involvement, Special Notes:  I am a board member at DoveLewis and an active member of PVMA.  I have also volunteered with Feral Cat Coalition.  You are likely to see me and Pearl Animal Hospital staff frequently at pet events in Portland. 

2nd Place: Tracey Thompson DVM, East Padden Animal Hospital

8611 NE Ward Rd, Vancouver

360-892-1500 * 

3rd Place: Louise Mesher DVM, At Home Veterinary Services

Lake Oswego, Oregon

503-281-1631 * 

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