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Ask any pet parent what keeps them up at night, and medical worries will top the list. Whether a late-night or holiday pet emergency, a worrisome diagnosis, or some mysterious and unnamed health concern, it’s stressful stuff. Questions come up: where to get care, how long will it take, how much will it cost, will my buddy be okay?

Traci Delos has been there, rushing to the ER with a dog who was fine one minute and half unconscious the next. And in her job as Hospital Administrator at Cascade Veterinary Referral Center, she sees the same worry on clients’ faces.

She wanted to create a soothing environment for veterinary clients and their pets, and CVRC’s founder, Dr. Richard Howard, had a similar vision when he established the practice a dozen years ago.

“The building was designed to be a calming place,” says Delos. “From the time the client checks in until they leave, we want it to be stress-free
for the client and the pet.” To ensure the lobby is quiet and focused on clients, phones are answered in a back office. Areas like the intensive
care unit are separate from other noises and activity so patients can fully rest.

CVRC recently made the move to a 24-hour schedule, making it the only pet ER and specialty center on Portland’s south side. The move also means staff can provide care when primary care doctors can’t. The hospital offers flat-fee overnight care for pets recovering from surgery or
in need of medical monitoring when their primary care clinic is closed.

Here, every doctor is a specialist, with years of training and certification beyond veterinary college. “I talk to people in terms of human healthcare,” Delos says. “You go to your primary health care provider, but if there’s something happening outside their discipline, they’re going to send you to a specialist. Yes, some day-practices can do surgery and internal medicine, but here, that’s all they do. They’re highly trained. That’s what you’d want for your own care.”

With a soothing environment, low patient-to-staff ratio, and round-the-clock care, it’s top-notch medicine for sick or injured pets, but it’s also a salve to frazzled nerves. While pets get seamless overnight and weekend care, their exhausted and worried humans can rest knowing photo and phone updates are available on request.

Delos won’t forget the panic of rushing her very sick dog to the hospital, but she is grateful that he fully recovered from what turned out to be water poisoning: her dog had swallowed huge amounts of water while playing in a sprinkler on a hot day.

It was super-quick walk-in care and expert diagnostics that saved her dog, and Delos is happy anytime she sees clients getting the same at CVRC. “We always try to do what’s best for the pet. Part of that is what’s best for the owner. We try to figure out what their needs are: emotional needs, financial needs, there’s a lot that goes into those decisions.”

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