Boarding & Daycare

Your buddy’s home away from home


Daycare — once a choice limited to children — is now popular with the furry set. Today, would-be latchkey pups happily romp with playmates while their people are at work. Boarding has changed too: concrete-and-chain-link kennels are replaced by bright abodes, outdoor play spaces, and 24-hour webcams for watchful parents.

Boarding vs in-home care

Dr. Jason Nicholas of The Preventive Vet says a dog might prefer a boarding facility if she’s:

•     Happy meeting new people and dogs.

•     Confident in new environments.

•     Current on all vaccines.

What to look for

Ask your veterinarian and friends for referrals. Then visit the facility and fin out:

•     Hours kennels are staffed.

•     Services and activities offered.

•     If tours are available (if not, Nicholas says it’s a red flag).

•     If the facilities are clean and professional.

Daycare is a good option for dogs who:

•     Like meeting new dogs and people.

•     Experience separation anxiety or act out when home alone.

•     Can benefit from extra play and get-the-wiggles-out time.