Cremation & After Care

What option are available to pet parents?


For pet parents cremation has become the prevailing choice for after care, perhaps thanks to the many options it provides, such as:

•    Private or communal cremation.

•    The option to be involved in the process as much or as little as desired.

•    A wide variety of urns or other memorials (jewelry, memorial stone or glass art, digital tribute).

•    Seamless care thanks to partnerships between veterinarians and cremation services.

Things to look for in cremation and after care services 

•    Responsive care and concern for your needs and clear, compassionate communication

•    A calming environment.

•    24-hour availability.

•    Willingness to discuss prices and procedures.

•    Flexibility with scheduling and level of pet guardian involvement.

•    Same day scheduling.

•    Option to go to them or have them come to you.

•    A wide variety of memorializing options.

•    Ability to coordinate with your veterinarian.

•    Option for witnessed cremation placement and/or your presence at time of cremation.

•    Whether traditional “flame” cremation or an alternative such as alkaline hydrolysis is used.

Dealing with after care for your beloved pet is difficult for most, from the first steps of exploring available options to making arrangements in advance and ultimately going through the process itself.

Having a caring, competent team during this time can make a huge difference in how you feel about laying your best friend to rest. 

A good way to get a feel for local options is to simply explore websites. This can give you a feel for a company’s tone or “personality,” and it’s important that it fit yours and your family’s needs.

Some websites are more comprehensive than others; some even include videos that provide words from staff about what to expect, services provided, merchandise options, and beliefs about after care. 

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a significant chapter in the story of your lives together. It’s worth taking time ahead to consider the options and find the fit that will provide the services and accommodations that will make this experience as gentle and free of complications or worry as possible.

”Cremation can be an affordable and dignified option for families who experience the loss of their pet companion. There are many ways to personalize an experience through cremation. For families who wish to be involved or remain with their pet after death, they may schedule to witness their pet’s placement into the crematory. Families commonly choose a tangible memorial, such as a clay paw impression, an urn, or piece of jewelry.  Ashes may be kept indefinitely in a meaningful place for you and your family, or you may seek to scatter with some or all of them in a favorite place. Whether speaking of a pet mouse or a draft horse, pet companions should be treated with great care and dignity in their aftercare.  Likewise, their families should receive compassion and professionalism at their time of mourning.”

                        — Tara Pascoe, Dignified Pet Services