The American Bombay Cat

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

The American Bombay Cat

Size:  Medium

Grooming needs:  Minimal

Exercise:  Medium

Environment:  Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor

Temperament:  Highly Sociable, Intelligent, Affectionate

Life Expectancy:  15-20 years

Interesting fact:  The American Bombay is a hybrid of the American Shorthair and Burmese breeds, developed in the US in the 1950s.  It is nicknamed the "parlor panther," likely due to its purposeful breeding to resemble a miniature black panther.

Appearance:  The Bombay has a short, glossy solid black coat and beautiful gold or copper eyes.  Their rounded head has a distinctive "stop" between the forehead and nose.  Bred to look like a miniature panther, Bombays are muscular.

Personality:  Athletic and playful, these cats love to climb and jump.  They seek attention and like to be with their family or person.  They often have a special person, whom they’ll follow room to room.  Snugglers who love laps and shoulders, Bombays can also have a lot to say.  Typically they do well living with other cats when a hierarchy is established.

Common Health Problems:  Generally a healthy breed probably due to its hybrid origins. 

Best Match:  The Bombay will thrive with a person or family who is home a lot and who loves playing with their feline friend.  Cat trees and perches will help satisfy their active and curious personalities. 


Featured Adoptable — Alice:  “Like all ladies, I shouldn't talk about how long I've been waiting, but it's hard not to.  It’s been over 1600 days I’ve been waiting to become someone’s little lady.  My name is Alice, and I'm 5-year-old domestic short hair, black Bombay girl.  Years ago I had six kittens — who all found homes — so I'm good with other cats.  I also have good people manners, like asking permission to be in your lap!  Sure, I might not understand the difference between a salad and shrimp fork, and my napkin always seems to slip away, but I learn quickly!

I am playful yet gentle, and with some work may become an avid conversationalist who can hold her own with both children 9 and older and any high-ranking dignitaries who might stop by for tea.  Please call WCGHS to ask after me or email us at  I've been here a really long time and I so want to go home.  Please share my story with your friends too, would you?  Love, Alice."

Alice arrived at WCGHS August 2008.