This 3-year-old Sharpei mix has a ton of enthusiasm for life. He wants to be an only child, and would be great for an active adult who wants a smart dog who is eager and quick to learn. Arrow knows sit and shake, and his beautiful smile always turns heads! Meet Arrow at, 541-689-1503. 

Meet Your 2015 Willamette Valley Cover Models

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer. Winner, Katie, graces this month's cover. All the beauties who entered are featured here.

Cover Model 411

NAME:  Katie

AGE/BREED:  7 yrs / Pomeranian/Chihuahua

STOMPING GROUNDS:   Katie lives with her “Mama” Christine at McKenzie Manor in the Thurston area of Springfield, where everyone loves her. There is a special area at the Manor where Katie walks and plays.

PACK:  Katie’s favorite friends are Ladybug, and Ladybug’s dog-mom Lisa, who live next door. Her Uncle Jerry (Christine’s brother) is her favorite visitor, and she announces the arrival of his truck with great excitement.  “She just goes nuts,” says Christine.

LOVES:  Treats and car rides! Katie also loves her groomer Deb at Petco in Eugene, who keeps her perfectly in style with a special cut.

DOESN’T LOVE:  Katie heartily objects to people on speaker at drive-up windows, and anyone who thinks it’s okay to walk up to the car to talk to her mom. And! It is simply not okay for the station attendant to put gas in the car!

SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT KATIE:  Katie was 5 when she was rescued/adopted from Lucky Paws in Springfield. She is a great traveler and flew to Arizona this summer with her mom, content to ride in her soft carrier at Christine’s feet. She loved the flight and vacation!

Dog is Great!

Train your way to the best dog you’ve ever had!

Want a well-behaved dog? Here’s the secret, and guess what: it’s easy. Notice and reward behavior you like!  

Your dog will be the talk of the town with these easy to follow training steps.  

#1 Make a list of things your dog loves.

#2 Make a list of things you want your dog to do more of.

#3 Notice and reward behavior you like.

Step 1:  Things my dog loves!

Going outside, coming in, going out again (you get the picture), mealtime, attention, petting, getting his leash on, TREATS, getting on my bed, chasing a toy, saying hi to people / other dogs, getting the leash off (at the dog park), etc. 

Every item on your list can be used to reward behaviors you like, and behaviors that are noticed and rewarded (with something your dog wants) will be repeated. When your dog walks up to you and keeps all four feet on the ground, giving him attention, petting, or calm praise tells him four on the floor is a good thing that should be repeated. I like to measure out ¼ cup of my dog’s food in the morning to use throughout the day to reward behaviors I like. When he sits? Good boy, here’s some of your breakfast.

Step 2:  I want my dog to…

Make a list of things you want your dog to do. Here are a few examples of goals and how you might prioritize them.

#1       Keep all four feet on the floor.

#2       Run to me quickly when I say “come.”

#3       Chew on his own toys.

#4       Go potty outside!

#5       Sleep on his own bed.

Step 3:  Notice and reward behavior you like.

Generously dole out items your dog loves when you see him doing something you like. I keep small dishes of treats (air-tight during ant season) stashed around my house so I’m always ready to reward when I notice my dog doing something I really like. 

What does rewarding a behavior look like? 

  • Come running when I call you = let’s have a petting party! Good Boy!
  • Pick up your own toy = good boy, let’s play a game of tug or fetch.
  • Sit = I open the door so you can go outside.
  • Sit = I will put your food dish down.
  • Keep all four on the floor = doggy cookies!

Jennifer Biglan, owner of Training Spot in Eugene, OR, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in Eugene, OR. She knew she wanted to work with animals at a young age.  After graduating from the U of O and volunteering at a dog shelter, she found her calling. Jennifer is well known through the community, and by many area veterinarians for her work in solving behavior problems, and she has extensive knowledge and background training dogs. Learn more about Training Spot at or e-mail






Calling Willamette Valley superstars

Award-winning Eugene-Springfield photographer Bruce Berg, whose work has been featured on the cover of Spot Magazine (including Pita this issue), hosts his annual October special, during which for $59, participants can get a portrait of their pet, a chance to win prizes, and support Greenhill Humane Society — $25 of each entry fee goes to Greenhill.  The winner will be determined by blog comments and featured in a 2015 issue of Spot Magazine.  Visit or call 541-726-6119 to learn more, or to schedule a photo shoot. 

Meet Kobe Michael and his amigo, Laker

Each year Spot Magazine’s winner of the Willamette Valley Cover Model Search is drawn by a child.  This year’s winner Ranger, featured in the Aug/Sept issue of Spot was drawn by Kobe, who will be 2 November 12th, of Creswell, Oregon.  Kobe reached into the basket of 113 participants, which included dogs, two ferrets, and one cat (Dundee, who has participated in three previous Searches), and drew our winner, Ranger.  While Kobe is not yet reading, he is bi-lingual and learning to speak both English and Spanish.  

Drawing the winner Kobe was all business, pulling the winner, holding it aloft as though reading Ranger’s name, with a huge small handed it to his mom and assistant, Kailynn. 

Kobe’s best friend is his kitten, Laker (named by his sports fan dad, Mario).  Kobe (dressed as Bat Man) and Laker (dressed as a black cat for Halloween) are busy practicing giving and receiving treats for the approaching Holiday.  When not playing and watching their favorite kids’ movies, you’ll find them snuggled in Kobe’s crib — they are best sleeping Buddies! 

The Spot crew thanks Kobe, Laker and the family for being part of the fun!

Fall fun at PetFest

Willamalane hosts its wildly popular PetFest Sept. 21, 10-2, at Lively Park in Springfield.  Attendees to the free event can meet pet specialists and vendors from around the Willamette Valley, chat with nonprofits offering pet services, visit the Ask-a-Vet station for pet health and wellness questions, and check out dog training and education demos by working dogs.  Rounding out the fun are great ways to get in on the action — a Meet the Breed Parade for dogs of all sizes, Spot Magazine’s Willamette Valley Cover Model Search, and a nature trail open for strolls at this beautiful time of year.  The dog park at Lively Park features separate areas for large and small dogs, making the day just right for everyone who comes to play.  For more info, visit or call 541-736-4244.


Remembering Maggie


While fact-checking names for the Cover Model Search - Willamette Valley this spring/summer, we spoke with the family of this sweet trio of dogs from Sweet Home. 

We learned that the oldster, 12-year-old Maggie (at right) had passed away shortly after their photo was taken at the Springfield PetFest in July.  While they were included in the drawing for the October cover, the Spot crew felt we should make special mention of these precious babies.  When their dad Bob was interviewed he shared this special story about Maggie.

Maggie started out as a tiny girl who just fit in the hand of her new dad Bob, who wasn't really a dog person when Maggie joined their household.  Bob said she actually chose him and right away started sleeping in the bed and wanting to be with him every minute of every day.  Since Bob had a business running big equipment he left her at home during the day.  Maggie would beg to go with him to work, and would sleep on the couch all day waiting for him to come home, giving him the big bottom lip when he got back.  When she finally did get to go to work with him she would ride with him on the grader or run alongside on the rocks ‘til her pads would actually get sore.  She loved to ride with Bob in the dump truck, and has traveled all over the United States by his side.  “We were hooked at the hip,” says Bob. 

The Spot Crew thanks Bob and his family for sharing, and sends heartfelt condolences for the loss of their sweet Maggie.

Halloween fun at Bowser's Boo Bash


Costumes are heartily encouraged at Willamette Humane Society’s annual Bowser’s Boo Bash Oct. 27 at the Salem Conference Center.  Fun on tap will include a live auction, gourmet dinner, live music, and complimentary beverages.  A silent auction is also in the mix, featuring more than 200 items on the block.  For details, including sponsorship opportunities, visit

Meet your 2011 Willamette Valley Cover Models!

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer. Winner Penny Love, graces this month's cover. All the other beauties are featured in the magazine and in our online photo album.

Meet Your 2011 Willamette Cover Model ~ Penny Love